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Susan G.
Susan G.
After my last "not satisfied" review.... received a phone call from his wife. After explaining my "unhappiness" she ASSURED me my request would be fulfilled...... 11 days later.... still no product! Customer service is definitely NOT what it used to be ...sooooo disappointed..I like supporting small businesses but this one has a long way to go!! Susan Post #3 The wife called again after last review..... apologized AGAIN stating the item has been completed and was going to be shipped the following day.... which was 6 days ago. Not surprised, but item hasn't arrived!!!! Why continually make promises and NO follow through?? So SAD but this company has a long way to go to becoming a successful business. (Lacking good work ethic, customer service etc) Save your $$ ... do not deal with creative iron works!! Susan Post #4 final After a couple more contacts with Katherine, Creative Iron Works came through with a REAL sincere heart filled note of apology. They have more than adequately made amends and succeeded our expectations!!! Thank you Creative Iron Works.... We wish you the best of luck!!! Our dragonfly is absolutely stunning on our patio in the Palm Springs sun!!

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