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Santi Miller
Santi Miller
I am a single mother of two who decided last year to build a swimming pool. If you are reading this you will agree that building a swimming pool is most likely the biggest, most stressful and expensive home improvement project one can embark on. Because it is a relative unique experience - it is also something that has a lot of 'unknowns' and that you can't chat with a neighbor or friend about their experience. Because of this, I relied very heavily on reviews and research to find the right pool company. I did my research, interviewed about a dozen companies (large and small) and landed with Blue Haven. Now, many of the reviews warned against large pool companies because of sub contractors, aggressive sales people, lack of support and lack of guidance. I have to say, I experienced the opposite. Relationship Management. Dominic Solitario is the project manager for the relationship. Honestly. He came in with a competitive price - and that was of course a driving factor. I interviewed about a dozen contractors and pool companies... I actually had a contract signed with another pool company and lost my deposit two months into the process because I was not comfortable.... I did not get the guidance, the education and the support I needed in this project. Dominic exceeded my expectations. I will break it down: Sales Process. Dominic was not pushy. He was honest. Comes with 30 years experience. He understands that the product is exceptional, the price competitive and that the customer has to come to make the decision based on facts. Not promises. Not being pushy. I wavered. He was fine with either way. I came to the decision myself with no pressure from him. Price. Let's be honest. This is a huge driving force for all of us. Blue Haven came in at a competitive price that actually was a fraction of many of the pool companies. I was warned that 'hidden expenses' would destroy my budget. Dominic comes with 30 years experience. He was the only person to come to the house and ask questions about gas lines, electrical panels, patio preferences - all so that he could anticipate added expenses that might be required to accommodate my circumstance. The project is complete. And Dominic hit the nail on the head regarding cost. Process. I heard horror stories about process. "Big pool companies sub contract out and forget about you once you sign the contract." Couldn't be further from the truth. The process was SEAMLESS. Dominic was on top of this from getting the permits (I mean he really held my hand!), to every contractor coming here the time/date/activities. He showed up on the site on the big days. Responded to every email. Every text. Every phone call. And the process was seamless. Pool. It ended up gorgeous. Absoultey gorgeous. It is high end. Perfect. And exceeded my expectations. If I could do it again, I would do it again. And honestly, I could not have done it without DOminic. Moral of the story. This is a relationship business. You want someone who is professional, responsive, knowledgeable and patient. Dominic is all of these things. And if I had to do it again, I would not have done a single thing differently.

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